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Soal Pat Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

Soal Pat Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8

Latihan soal pilihan ganda PAT Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 8 dan kunci jawaban.

A : Did you play futsal last night?
B : ….

A. No, I don’t

B. Yes, I do

C. No, I did

D. Yes, I did


How long does it take people reach this place from Jakarta?

A. 60 minute

B. 120 minute

C. 180 minute

D. 240 minute


“She is talking to Budi.”

The best pronoun for Budi is …
A. She is talking to her

B. She is talking to him

C. She is talking to me

D. She is talking to them


The memo above is written by ….

A. Sri Rejeki

B. Harwan

C. A teacher

D. Me


did – yesterday – what – you – do-?

The correct order is …
A. What do you did yesterday?

B. What did you do yesterday?

C. what you do did yesterday?

D. What do you yesterday did?


The person receiving the SMS should … after using the computer

A. Shut down the computer

B. Repair the computer

C. Clean the computer

D. Tidy up the computer


Look at the picture above and then choose the correct sentence!

A. Banana is sweeter than lemon

B. Banana is more sour than lemon

C. Lemon is sweeter than banana

D. Lemon is not more sour than banana


How many people are there on the beach?

There are … people
A. six

B. seven

C. eight

D. more than six

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Math is difficult, but history is …

A. The most difficult

B. The more difficult

C. Most difficult

D. More difficult


A: Who is … ?

B : She is my sister
A. Her

B. Him

C. she

D. Them


“I went to the movies yesterday.” The interrogative form of the sentence above is …

A. Do I went to the movies yesterday?

B. Did I went to movies yesterday?

C. Did I go to the movies yesterday?

D. Did I go to the movies the day after tomorrow?


Look at the picture above and then choose the correct sentence!

A. Raspberry is the biggest than other

B. Orange is the biggest than other

C. Watermelon is the biggest than other

D. Orange is the smallest than other


Where … You two hours ago?

A. Was

B. Are

C. were

D. Be


My father is reading a newspaper … is sitting on the chair

A. She

B. He

C. it

D. Him


We usually see this sign at …

A. School

B. A swimming pool

C. A playground

D. A cafeteria


The memo above is addressed to …

A. Sri Rejeki

B. Harwan

C. A teacher

D. Me


“Andika is playing soccer in the field.”

The negative form of the sentence is …
A. Andika daes not playing soccer in the field

B. Andika is not playing soccer in the field

C. Andika not playing soccer in the field

D. Andika does not play soccer in the field


A short piece of information that you give to a person when you cannot speak directly is a …

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A. News

B. Message

C. Noticement

D. Announcement


You are taller … Me

A. To

B. Than

C. as

D. For


A: Did you write a letter two days ago?

A. No, I didn’t

B. Yes, I do

C. No, I did

D. Yes, I didn’t


My mother is … chicken soup

A. Cooks

B. Cooking

C. cook

D. Cooked


Re-arrange the jumbled words below into a good sentence!

The – is – who – in – walking – rain -?
A. Who is walking in the rain?

B. Who is in walking the rain?

C. Who walking is in the rain?

D. Who the rain is in walking?


I … In Bandung last month

A. Was

B. Am

C. were

D. Be


Look at the picture ab above then choose the correct sentence!

A. Raspberry is bigger than orange

B. Raspberry is not smaller than orange

C. Orange is bigger than raspberry

D. Orange is not bigger than raspberry


Bob … his homework.

A. Does doing

B. Is doing

C. Are doing

D. Is done


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